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Nothing appeals to Sebastian Hettlage more than a good business idea. He used to tinker with his own solutions, but now uses his keen sense of innovative concepts and ideas for our clients. Changing sides this way never diminished his passion. Sebastian continues to work at full steam on the successful implementation of solutions as if the ideas were his own. He works closely with teams and knows how to get large groups of people enthusiastic about new ideas and infect them with his excitement better than anyone else. His foresight and pragmatism prevent false starts – and make sure that the dream of flying becomes a reality. 

In next life:

He will invent the holodeck.


Sebastian Hettlage has been with eccelerate since the hour of its inception.

During his studies at Handelshochschule Leipzig (now HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management), he was already excited about the subjects of entrepreneurship and innovative business ideas in the e-commerce environment. 

Before he took the leap into independent entrepreneurship and later helped build eccelerate, he learned the strategy trade in a classic consulting setting. But there is a big difference between creating ideas at the drawing board and having the gumption to put them into operation, drive them forward, and most of all to be accountable for them.  

Once Sebastian has sunk his teeth into an idea, he finds it difficult to separate his professional and private lives, but he is continually inspired by his two children, who keep him in touch with the constant changes and uses of digital media.

Sebastian doesn’t want to be just a spectator or consumer, but wants to be part of the development and take responsibility.

Consultiung focus:

Big Data operationalization

Conversion optimization

Customer life cycle management

Digital transformation

Individualization and dynamization

Before eccelerate:

Interim management Dynamic Sales


Self-employed consultant


Founder & Managing Director



Project Manager

Clients (excerpt):







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