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Rüdiger Hahn loves it when products sell. No matter what needs to be sold, Rüdiger has marketed it before. The recipient of the information is always of paramount importance to him, regardless of whether he’s considering the message itself or the medium in which the advertisement will be broadcasted. The only thing that matters is that customers are reached with the right message in the right situation. He considers communication outside the public view to be senseless. This is why Rüdiger has devoted himself to target groups, online media and the relevant key figures for nearly two decades. There is no key performance indicator that Rüdiger isn’t familiar with, and no optimization effort is too great. And he isn’t interested only in the online realm – he’s even more at home with traditional media. But he holds even this to the same high performance standards as online, sometimes in radically optimized form. Rüdiger knows online business like the back of his hand and knows how to increase reach – but this is never the goal itself. It is always about the customer and the package that ultimately goes down the conveyor belt.

In next life:

He will save the world from plastic waste



Rüdiger Hahn has been a senior expert for online marketing at eccelerate since 2018.

His journey from sales into marketing was a long one. After training as a carpenter, then completing a commercial apprenticeship and working in-house at BMW and Renault, as well as various in-between stops as a tour guide for Thomas Cook, Rüdiger finally joined AutoScout24 in online advertising sales. The step into the online realm had been made. Subsequently, he implemented the entirety of the online sales and online marketing processes for AVAG Holding, Europe’s largest car dealer. After a short stop at the internet startup Seniorbook, he last worked at MediaMarkt, Europe’s largest electronics retailer. At MediaMarkt, he built up the online and performance marketing departments and then shifted from the traditional media department over to online processes.

Rüdiger has a degree in business administration. In his free time, he prefers to be outdoors playing sports, chopping wood, working in his garden or running wild in the mountains.

Consultiung focus:

Multi Channel Strategy

Social Media Strategy

E-Commerce Strategy

Search Engine Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Online Marketing Efficiency

KPI Handling

Digital Strategy

Set Up of Online Marketing Teams

Before eccelerate:

Departmentmanager Online Marketing and Media



Head of Marketing

Seniorbook AG


Head of Online Marketing

AVAG Holding SE


Consultant Dealer Advertising



Sales Representative

Thomas Cook AG

Clients (excerpt):

Online Printers


The Berner Group