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Bastian Littek has a strong record in buying for online retail. “Buying is where the profit is” may be an obsolete paradigm, but for Bastian it still is one of the most important elements for improving profitability in the long term – provided that purchasing is closely interconnected with other company functions. Only ongoing mutual exchange can ensure maximum process efficiency and prevent bad decisions, while an “us versus them” mentality brings disastrous results. Gut feeling is indisputably part of any decision making process – but ultimately, corporate decisions must be primarily data-driven and based on precisely defined performance figures and detailed reports. Bastian is at ease in both areas. During his tenure with the world’s most customer-friendly online retailer, he learned what it means to put all your efforts at the customer’s disposal. He is now trying to establish this DNA with our clients as well, by listening, but always being clear in his direction. 

In next life:

Surfing teacher in Santa Barbara or hostel operator in Thailand


Bastian Littek has been a senior expert at eccelerate since early 2015.

Bastian’s career has been shaped by Amazon. He spent time at Amazon Deutschland as part of a work-study program and gained in-depth knowledge in various business sectors such as sporting goods, consumer goods, shoes, music, and home & living. He also became familiar with a number of organizational functions, among them supply chain management, online marketing, and project management, but ultimately the field of supplier management interested him the most. After successfully completing his studies, he became a vendor manager for Amazon in their clothing department. Most recently, he was responsible for the jeans and jackets department with about 40 domestic and international vendors.  

Bastian has a passion for getting the goods customers want. He feels that process efficiency, integrated work methods, and pure customer focus in sourcing are essential levers for improving profitability. For eccelerate, he primarily works on portfolio design, purchasing optimization, supplier portfolio management, and conditions negotiations, but he handles all other key figures needed to improve decision-making.

Bastian studied at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University and also spent some time abroad at business schools in Paris and at UCSB in Santa Barbara, California. 

Consultiung focus:

Digital transformation

KPI management

Marketplace strategy and implementation

Online-focused purchasing

Turnaround management

Before eccelerate:


Vendor Manager

Clients (excerpt):