Study: Customer Experience Analysis in Automotive After Sales

Nowadays, client oriented and user friendly e-commerce channels are indispensable. How are automotive manufacturers positioned in relation to the expected high growth rates in the after-sales segment and the progressing digitization? Are there any differences between “premium OEMs” and other automotive manufacturers? These were some of the questions asked by the consultants of KBC and eccelerate. Based on a proven approach, they conducted a customer experience analysis on the range of digital offers among twelve automotive manufacturers. If you are interested in your individual results, please feel free to contact us.

Here you find the teaser on methodology and the essential observations of the study.

If you are interested in the overall results, please get in touch with us.


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Amazon Strategy 2.0 – from vendor to seller or broker model

Bastian Littek explains why the vendor model is becoming less attractive for brands and manufacturers.

Those were the days – when managing an Amazon retail account ("Vendor Model") translated into enormous growth every year. Of course, expenses also grew year on year – Amazon Vendor Managers demanded a bigger piece of the cake every year: higher purchasing conditions, fixed marketing expenses & fees for participation in programs such as Amazon Vine or ARA Premium (Amazon Retail Analytics). Even though Amazon has never been an easy customer, both sides were (mostly) satisfied with the results of the annual agreements. More and more often this is no longer the case. 


Relaunch and Implementation of a New Online Store - Best Practices, Costs, and Findings

What to do when it is time to digitally overhaul the business model and successfully relaunch the old online store? From whose concrete experiences can e-commerce executives profit in this situation? Are there even formulas for success? Or has everything changed again in the dynamic jungle of the most diverse service providers, systems, and customer behavior? - eccelerate searched for answers and made in-depth surveys of long-serving e-commerce executives.

Special value was given to concrete experience in isolating the factors that contributed the most to a project’s success and its completion “on time and within budget” Focused factors are: selection of store systems and suitable service providers, agile and classic project management methods, “make or buy” decisions, and company culture.


Go Europe – Roll out your business to the European market.

Is your online shop already selling well in your home market and a significant number of visitors from abroad is looking to buy from your website? Then stop missing revenue opportunities in Europe!

There is no full blueprint to start your EU rollout project. You will need to build a - living, or “agile” - roadmap, based on your target markets’ potential, knowledge of customers and target countries to find out what you need to do first. A thorough market potential analysis is important in order to inform you from which main countries your foreign prospects are hailing. Then, determine which are must-haves in the customer experience of the target markets and what the required resources are to achieve it. Internationalizing to the right markets can deliver great ROI in due time, and reap many of the advantages that the digitalization of business models provides. 

At eccelerate, we can help you evaluate, structure, manage and execute all of the internationalizing process. Our consultants have been in the business for many years, either as a service provider or on brand or retailer side, managing international digital businesses. 


Successful social media strategies for B2B companies

Social media have been a solid component of the marketing mix for B2C companies for several years. It is therefore no surprise that among B2B companies, skepticism surrounding opportunities for their business in social networks has given way to hope for better reach and customer proximity. They are profiting from the experiences of B2C companies. According to a survey of the German Federal Association of Digital Economy (BVDW), 78% of respondents emphasize that the right social media strategy is essential to successfully launch an entry into social media. When developing a social media strategy, a company must answer in advance fundamental questions regarding appropriate goals, optimum scale of activity, the right platforms, and the resources need so that scattering losses and excessive demands can be avoided.

Good strategic planning for companies is so important that many of them subsequently turn to external support by experts like eccelerate. The team from eccelerate brings the necessary experience in social media setup and asks fundamental questions during strategic planning so that the right answers to all strategic core issues can be found together, with you.