High online growth rates were common for many years. They provided security. These days, with the digitization of consumption and high-performing online competition, such growth can no longer be taken for granted, and it requires investments in new technologies and the alignment of processes and strategies. Selling via marketplaces is still generating growth, but a lack of access to your own consumers presents risks to the sustainability of your business model. It is time to question yesterday’s decisions and develop solutions that will give your growth a sustained boost. We’d love to help you do it. We will show you how much efficiency potential your existing e-commerce setup has and identify your future growth engines. Whether for internationalization, new digital sales models, mobile commerce, or current customer campaigns – we deliver the concepts and give you hands-on support on your way to reaching your goal.

Key questions

  • How do we boost our online growth?
  • How can we improve our online marketing efficiency?
  • What does Big Data mean for us, and how can we profitably use our existing data?
  • What digital business models are going to prevail? How can our organization get involved with them?
  • What CRM measures can we use to improve our overall marketing efficiency?
  • What systems will help us reach our e-commerce targets?
  • Which international markets should we expand into?
  • What is the ideal online sales mix for us and our product range?
  • What is the role of marketplaces in our growth strategy? What are the risks?

Selection of our services

Online Marketing Efficiency Program


Conversion Optimization

Individualized and dynamic Sales Approaches

Setup of new Business Models

Introduction of Business Intelligence

Our clients take the floor

”Everybody is talking big data and marketing automation: at eccelerate, we ramp up fast, utilize existing assets, experiment and create pilots and thus set the foundation for scalable execution. All the while we continuously learn, adapt and have fun.”

Sebastian Dahs

Head of CRM

congstar GmbH

“eccelerate is the perfect partner for us. They have given our business model a drastic push in a very pointed and hands-on manner – this isn’t just a feeling; this is immediately reflected by the figures. We have only worked with renowned experts, who passionately devoted themselves to the team. eccelerate has lastingly won us over  – we are looking forward to future projects!”

Marcus Anton

Geschäftsführung Marketing und Vertrieb

Atelier Goldner Schnitt GmbH

“Working with eccelerate more than paid off for us. The measures they suggested significantly accelerated our e-commerce growth, and thanks to eccelerate we are in a much better starting position to face the already tangible digital shift in the entire fashion industry. We are very satisfied with the work of our eccelerate colleagues. Without them, we would not be where we are today.”

Peter Hoever

Sales Manager

GANT Germany

“eccelerate has made a lasting impression on us with their in-depth usability expertise. Compared to other consultancies, the practical and pragmatic working methods the eccelerate team makes use of, are outstanding.“

Sven van den Bergh

Managing Director

limango GmbH

“The colleagues from eccelerate ask all the right questions. They quickly understood our challenges and offered highly valuable consulting services in response. In doing so, they assume responsibility by providing very clear, straightforward recommendations, both strategic and operative. Their technical expertise and practical experience enables them to present very complex issues in a simple and comprehensible way. They also involved some of our employees whose main competences lie outside the online realm and got them excited about their ideas. It was without a doubt an excellent decision to get eccelerate on board.”

Nikolas von Haugwitz

Managing Director

Hanseatisches Wein- und Sekt- Kontor Hawesko GmbH

“eccelerate supports our internal teams on highly specialized issues by adding another perspective and their specific expertise. However, the colleagues at eccelerate never come across as overly smart experts, but contribute their knowledge to the discussion with modesty and honesty. I appreciate that about them, as well as their hands-on and pragmatic work ethic and their ability to integrate their consulting services into the decision-making process with empathy, but always efficiently and with an eye on the target. This is why the recommendations we receive from eccelerate never get buried in a drawer but are consistently and effectively implemented. It is truly worth it to involve eccelerate, especially in complex tasks.”

Christian Zambaccian

Managing Director

Happy Size Versand GmbH & Co. KG