When evaluating an acquisition target with a digital edge, we believe it is essential to not only understand market environment, competitive forces, customer preferences as well as the business model.

Rather it is about understanding the fundamental operational performance of the target and its potential for the future. This understanding informs the assumptions that form the business case and illustrates the drivers that can make or break a business.

Being able to judge these aspects requires deep operational experience along the entire digital customer journey: from Traffic Generation and Online Marketing to Onsite Sales, Merchandising, CRM and Business Intelligence.

eccelerate combines this operational experience with the ability to undertake all other aspects of a commercial due diligence project. We look behind the curtains and check the machine room and translate our findings into your business case. This makes us the right partner for your next due diligence.

As part of a commercial due diligences on digital companies we conduct the following analyses:

  • Market Analyses
  • Competitive Landscape Analyses
  • Customer Behavior Analyses
  • Operational performance analyses incl.:
  • Online Marketing Performance
  • Traffic Sources and Trend Analyses
  • Onsite Customer Flow and Conversion Analyse
  • Analytics and CRM Analyses
  • Customer Experience Benchmarking vs. Key Competitors
  • IT & Technology Assessment
  • Team Assessment
Case-Study - 4-week Buy-Side DD
Acquiring a leading online voucher network

Total deal size supported: €500M+ including the following

One of Europe's leading digital content production agency groups with >100 online retail and fashion clients

Leading Checkout- and Newsletter-Marketing Network with more than 500 online shops in the network across 6 countries

Leading player in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket with revenues of €100M+ and YoY growth of >25%, deriving >75% of revenues online

Leading online eyewear retailer with operations in 4 European countries and 600+ offline partner opticians

Major German printing company (flyers, business cards etc.) with online sales model

German Online Marketplace for Industrial Goods

German Online Marketplace for Industrial Goods

Market-leading B2B online directory with operations across Europe

Multichannel baby retailer with €100M+ total revenues

Photo Bastian Latt

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Bastian Latt

Associate Partner

Bastian Latt always has his eye on the consumer. He has a passion for analyzing and improving the entire e-commerce value chain from the customer’s point of view, from sourcing and merchandising, to website usability, delivery experience, and customer service. Bastian loves to get to the bottom of things rather than just finding solutions to treat symptoms. Instead, he is constantly on the lookout for solutions that reveal the underlying causes and create a sustainably improved customer experience, along with a more successful business. He is aided by his extensive experience in marketing, strategy consulting, and working with the world’s most customer-friendly online retailer.


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