No other form of business has greater data transparency than e-commerce. And yet most companies don’t know for certain who their closest online competitors are. Hardly anyone even trusts their own key indicators – too many observational perspectives, not enough analytical approaches. But without knowing and understanding data, a business can’t hold its own in competition with entirely numbers-driven pure players. As e-commerce experts and numbers junkies, we know which data, systems, and indicators you can rely on and how qualitative hypotheses can be quantitatively evaluated for business development. We also conduct online marketing and conversion audits as well as commercial due diligence to support you with the interpretation of data and identification of measures to improve individual indicators. We see data not as an end in itself, but as a basis for quick and lasting improvements.

Key questions

  • How strong is our customer experience compared to our competitors'?
  • To what extent do we base our decisions on data and analytics?
  • How can we bring a stronger focus on data in our daily doing into the organization and keep it there? 
  • What measures can we take to counteract specific weaknesses in our indicators?
  • What are the key indicators of our main competitors? 
  • Which market segment is particularly interesting?
  • How much e-commerce potential does a specific target have?
  • What is the result of the sell side/buy side analysis of our company?

Selection of our services

Online Marketing Performance Analyse

Commercial Due Diligence


Customer Experience Benchmarking


Conversion Check

Team Assessment

Our clients take the floor

"We asked eccelerate to perform a due diligence review in the field of online fashion. Our colleagues at eccelerate studied the market segment, the business model and in particular, the operating model of the target company extensivley- all in a very short amount of time. This was followed by the submission of detailed assessments and handling options at a level of quality we have yet to see in the e-commerce / digital sector. Also the management of the target company was very pleased with their work. We will definitely reach out for the support of eccelerate for future due diligence processes."

Niklas Pichler

Managing Director

Mezzanine Management Vienna

“I have worked with a lot of consultancies, but I have seldom seen as much impressive expertise under one roof as I saw at eccelerate. This, but most of all the eccelerate team’s unwavering commitment to actively and cooperatively working on our tasks and challenges side by side with our teams and successfully concluding our projects, made a deep impression on me.”

Ludger Schöllgen

Managing Director

K-New Media GmbH