Many mail order retailers and manufacturers are feeling the changes driven by digitization – margins are shrinking and market shares are decreasing bit by bit. The massive changes from the outside are often met with strong internal resistance. Few see the opportunities, while fears and reservations prevail. Huge project portfolios make those involved feel as if they are doing something, but they can’t change the structural disadvantages compared to specialist mail order vendors and pure players. This is where we come in – we take your concerns seriously, explain the developments going on in the market, ease your anxieties, and reveal the opportunities of the development step by step. Private label strategies, online-focused purchasing processes and verticalization strategies often take center stage. However, it is sometimes necessary to completely abandon the existing business model. Because starting out with small steps is important after years of paralysis, but it is often not enough to get your feet back on the ground.

Key questions

  • What approaches will give us more online focus in our purchasing department and processes?
  • How must our organization change as part of the transformation?
  • How do we get the talent we need for our future reorientation?
  • How much do we need to invest in a long-term reorientation? Are there other alternatives?
  • How can we successfully achieve the long-term digital transformation of our business model?
  • What scenarios does the digital environment offer for our classic business model?
  • How can we once again make our customer the focus of all our efforts?
  • How can we rejuvenate our target group?

Selection of our services

Turnaround Management

Internalization of the digital Value Chain

Online-focused Purchasing

Digital Transformation

KPI Management

Big Data Operationalization

Our clients take the floor

"Commerzbank is actively involved in the process of digital transformation. We are constantly tackling the associated challenges in order to be able to leverage advantages and gain an edge over our competitors in times of upheaval. In this situation, we were looking for an external partner who would enrich our discussions on upcoming tasks in the digital field with authentic expertise as well as new perspectives. With eccelerate - we struck gold. The eccelerate team fulfilled this role superbly. Although, in the beginning, we weren't sure whether it made sense to go with a consulting firm with strong retail roots and such a pronounced focus on an unfamiliar industry. In hindsight, it was precisely this fresh look at our specific challenges and issues that turned out to be a key advantage and completely convinced me as well as my colleagues."

Ole Franke

Director Directbanking

Commerzbank AG

„Mit eccelerate verbindet uns eine nun mehrjährige Partnerschaft. Begonnen hat diese im strategisch-konzeptionellen Bereich bei der Neuausrichtung unseres Webauftritts für das Haus Walz. Hier hat uns eccelerate dabei geführt, ein neues Bild nach außen für unsere Dienstleistungen und unseren Kundenservice zu entwickeln. In ganz nahen und intensiven Gesprächen haben die Kollegen dabei das Beste aus unseren Teams herausgeholt und eine kundenorientierte, pragmatische und funktionale Plattform und Nutzerlandschaft kreiert. Im Anschluss erstreckte sich die Kooperation auf die faktische Umsetzung. Auch hier hat uns eccelerate mehr als überzeugt. Besonders beeindruckt hat uns die außergewöhnliche Fähigkeit, sich wie ein hauseigenes Projektteam in die natürlichen Abläufe zu integrieren. eccelerate hat uns so hohe Effizienz zu sehr vertretbare Kosten beschert. Für uns ein rundum „Sorglos-Paket" – Jederzeit wieder sehr gerne.“

Mike Weccardt

Chairman of the Board – CEO

Versandhaus Walz GmbH

“eccelerate is supporting our internal team in both strategic and also very specific challenges that have emerged from our increased online focus. I was impressed by their technical expertise, the speed at which they implement ideas, and the respect our employees have for them. They really know their stuff and also do an excellent job involving internal colleagues during difficult project phases and complex issues. Having eccelerate on board is really a huge asset.”

Dirk Hauke


K - Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG

“The consultants at eccelerate are e-commerce experts who don’t just work by the book but take our company specifics into consideration. eccelerate did not develop a standard solution, but our solution. This is reflected particularly in the high degree of acceptance – not just at the management level, but in the teams as well. They not only optimized our processes but also provided important methodical approaches that are going to permanently change the way we work."

Bettina Kawall

Managing Director


“eccelerate supported us with a strategically important and highly complex online project. The commitment and expertise the team brought to the table impressed us greatly. The project was implemented professionally and on target. This saved us time and money, and looking back we know that using eccelerate was certainly worthwhile, not least because it prevented us from bad investments in the project (by choosing the wrong technical service providers). I was personally impressed by their cooperative style and the way they merged into our internal team. We thank eccelerate for their great support and will certainly consider working with them on future projects.”

Dirk Ebbighausen

Head of Regional Marketing

Thomas Cook AG

“In just a few months, eccelerate really left a mark on our business and turned it toward e-commerce. From the very first day, the guys brought valuable expert input into our organization, and did it with amazing speed.  At the same time, our internal teams did not feel overrun but were excited about the work and got involved, which is the reason why everyone worked together and we were able to implement such a range of topics in such a short time. It is this human component paired with professional expertise that makes the eccelerate team so incredibly effective. They are a real asset for any retailer wanting to expand their e-business.”

Sven Hansen

Managing Director

CONLEYS Modekontor GmbH