Why us? Combined, we have more than 100 years of experience with digital business models. Our experience ranges from strategy and analytics to implementation of individual tools. That means one thing is for granted: things never get boring. Because we have confidence in our performance, we don’t have to pretend. We are authentic. This is why even when our work is tough, we still have fun. We couldn’t do what we do if we didn’t enjoy it. 

How we spend our time:

  • Making our clients happy
  • Meeting new clients
  • Celebrating achievements
  • Sitting on trains or planes
  • Collecting and evaluating data
  • Communicating results

Why you?

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newcomer, the fast pace of e-business will keep you on your toes. Because you always love to learn new things, preferably in a fast and furious e-commerce project – with established companies as well as start-ups. And you always prefer to work in a team, because good teamwork is greater than the sum of its parts. You don’t hesitate to roll up your sleeves and get things moving. If this sounds like you, then you are a good fit for eccelerate!

What matters to us:

We want to cooperate with our clients to achieve tangible and lasting success as quickly as possible. We bring knowledge, but we don’t break down our clients’ doors with it. Because we come from the outside, it is essential that we understand their internal perspective. Being respectful and listening is just as important as our professional expertise. Patronizing attitudes are not part of our repertoire, even though we are there to pass on our knowledge. Every assignment is different and requires a special balance of sensitivity and sharing of expertise. This can be exhausting, but also inspires us time and again. It feels great to see our clients reach their goals, and even greater to set new goals for ourselves. 

Your new team

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  • Lennard

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  • Sebastian

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  • Bastian

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  • Serdar

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  • Marc

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  • Jan

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  • Stephanie

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  • Johannes

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  • Markus

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  • Isabel

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  • Bastian

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  • Thorsten

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Christine Christine Virga
Project Manager

Christine, why eccelerate?

I experienced the eccelerate team as a client, and I was utterly convinced by their professional expertise but most of all by their way of working. The team knows how to listen first, identify the client’s individual strengths, generate appropriate solutions, and involve all of the client’s staff in order to establish the changes permanently. What thrills me about my job as project manager is the complexity and dynamic nature of the work. The repeated opportunity to figure out new problems, get to know different companies, use your own experience to benefit the client, and always learn a lot is a real win-win situation. It’s just so much fun to work with people who don’t want to stand still but want to develop to the best of their ability – and that’s who our clients are.

Lennard Lennard Grewe

Lennard, why eccelerate?

I’ve always been fascinated by the virtually endless opportunities online. I was fortunate early on to be able to contribute to some exciting digital growth stories, and I quickly started wanting to create my own “baby”. Eccelerate is not only the realization of that dream but also the consistent development of a unique selling proposition. We reinvent classic consulting. Our consultants don’t define themselves by their frequent flyer miles, but through moments when they achieve great things together with our clients. The results of our work don’t wind up in a filing cabinet, they all sparkle with life. We always live and breathe our ideals, and that is appreciated – I bet we are the only “consultants” ever to be invited to a photo shoot in South Africa by a satisfied client. We are going to build on this USP by adding more “types” to our team to help spread our spirit, and by continuing to stir our hunger for unlocking digital potential for our clients.

Sebastian Sebastian Hettlage

Sebastian, why eccelerate?

I’m sure that in my professional career I have bet on the wrong horse a time or two, and have even fallen off, but as in e-commerce, the trick is to learn from your mistakes. The decision to join eccelerate was a risky one, but so far my nose for good business ideas has not let me down – on the contrary. The way I see it, eccelerate unites strategic excellence, innovative impulse, pragmatism, and an extremely cooperative spirit. And what could be greater than not only shaping your own company with a fantastic team, but also conceptualizing and implementing innovations for our clients every single day. And in the end we celebrate together – one more thing eccelerate is great at!

Bastian Bastian Latt

Bastian, why eccelerate?

The opportunity to marry the expertise of the e-commerce market leader with consulting knowledge to help other German and European companies succeed in e-commerce – and doing it with a group of extremely likeable and intelligent people – is what brought me here. In e-commerce, you never stop learning, and the issues you deal with are strategic and operative at the same time. I find that fascinating and it reaffirms my decision every day. The company is also growing quickly, which gives me and my colleagues the opportunity to take on responsibility internally and execute our own ideas.

Serdar Serdar Yigitsoy
Senior Consultant

Serdar, why eccelerate?

I find opposing traffic in tight steep curves more exciting than a straight, even road. The harder the goal is to reach, the more I have to concentrate and the faster I have to go, and the more I look forward to the ride. What I love about consulting for eccelerate is the challenge of the many different roads I am able to explore and conquer with due respect for the task and the necessary team spirit. I feel that focusing on the goal, developing an efficient and effective strategy, the motivation of the team, and a good pilot are basic requirements for winning the race against the competition. I feel extremely comfortable with eccelerate and always look forward to the next race.

Marc Dr. Marc Ehlbeck

Marc, why eccelerate?

I knew both sides even before I came to eccelerate: consulting and the generalist mail order business. Both were educational experiences – but in the end I always missed the combination of the two. I did not want to keep creating slides that would end up in a drawer, nor did I want to spend hours forging alliances for overdue projects in the political corporate environment. So we founded eccelerate as the first consultancy in the digital sector that provides strategic support but also implements insights. We meet new clients and get to know new products every day. This makes for a very educational working environment even for seasoned players. Our clients’ decisions usually match our recommendations. We are service providers, but we never bend to this role. There are no predefined recommendations in exchange for a fee. I can clearly see our future: a small yet excellent consultancy for digital issues covering all aspects, a team of 25 passionate colleagues, and a spirit of authenticity undiluted by growth.

Jan Jan Sudworth

Jan, why eccelerate?

After some exciting and educational years in the fast-paced international fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, I was mostly drawn to the dynamics and freshness of the e-commerce industry. I felt that by joining eccelerate, I would get the ideal mix of diversified consulting, dynamic e-commerce projects, and cooperative start-up atmosphere. eccelerate exceeded my expectations. I especially enjoy what eccelerate offers me to satisfy my entrepreneurial side: taking responsibility, in client projects as well as internally, and the opportunity to advance a young company and grow with it. This mix is what makes working with eccelerate unique and keeps me coming back for more.

Stephanie Stephanie Reidel
Sen. Consultant

Stephanie, why eccelerate?

After some instructive years working in the financial world, I was looking for a challenge in which figures would not be just an abstract analytical tool, but could be connected with the products and people they represented and be brought to life by pressing the right buttons. At eccelerate, I can push those buttons, because here we dedicate ourselves to always getting the best result, commit ourselves daily to new and exciting challenges from analysis to strategy in the fast-paced e-business environment, and implementing them operatively, "hands-on,” and in cooperation with our client. Working in our young and dynamic team, which lets everyone be heard and doesn’t just call itself a team but really acts as one, makes it of course all the more fun.

Johannes Johannes Herzog
Project Manager

Johannes, why eccelerate?

Clients can and must expect professional excellence from a first-rate consultancy. But the big difference between eccelerate and many other corporate consultancies lies in the way the service is provided – because the HOW is crucial for getting everyone on board during change processes and getting them excited about new things. The personalities at eccelerate unite professionalism with authenticity, and that is exactly why I feel at home here. I have a clear goal of further expanding the range of consulting expertise in individual specialist areas and look forward to many more challenging projects.

Markus Markus Miller

Markus, why eccelerate?

What drew me to eccelerate was mostly an even greater variety of topics and the demanding transition to different and exciting customer environments. I quickly realized that I would be able to develop my own skills at eccelerate, and I enjoy the casual, cooperative spirit and prevailing professional atmosphere. Why I like to be here? According to Dan Pink, the three factors of personal satisfaction are „Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose“ and that is exactly what I get from eccelerate: I have the possibility of acting at my own discretion and I appreciate the trust I was shown right from the start. I can develop in my specialist areas and grow with every project. I really enjoy the cooperation and working side by side with our clients, and it keeps driving me. In every project and every assignment, I want to do even better than before and grow with our clients.

Isabel Isabel Karstedt
Sen. Consultant

Isabel, why eccelerate?

After I had gained some initial experience in the e-commerce sector, I knew about the many stumbling blocks newly founded but also established companies are faced with. This is why I find it exciting to spend each day analyzing challenges for our clients and then tackling them together. No two days are alike; all clients are positioned differently and have different requirements for a digital implementation of their business model. It never gets boring. And when I’m not with a client, I enjoy the cooperative atmosphere in our Munich office.

Bastian Bastian Littek
Senior Expert

Bastian, why eccelerate?

After almost six years with the world’s largest online retailer, it was time to do something different. Eccelerate offered an excellent opportunity to bundle my e-commerce expertise and pass it on to different companies in exciting projects. I especially like that we at eccelerate always see ourselves as part of the team we are advising, even though we are a service provider. This represents a clear unique selling point and confirms my decision and that of my colleagues to choose eccelerate as an employer. For the future, I hope that we at eccelerate will continue to concentrate on our strengths in the digital sector and use our clear focus to support both small and large companies as a key consulting partner.

Thorsten Thorsten Kler

Thorsten, why eccelerate?

After years with one of the largest fashion e-commerce service providers, I wanted to use that experience from a neutral perspective and once again “get out and consult” and help build something new. It was the right decision, because that’s what eccelerate does best. Not least the company itself, whose name we still have to spell patiently on many occasions. But most of all the clients’ businesses, which we develop together with them. And we do it with passion. We don’t just consult and run. That’s what’s great about eccelerate, and you can’t do that with “just any” colleagues. After 15 years on the job, a lot of them in other consultancies, I rarely felt as at home in a company as I do here, professionally and personally. In the years to come, I want to learn even more from our clients, make eccelerate better known, and manage projects until I find something I like better. I am curious to find out what that might be.

Your development

What drives us all at our core is our unconditional creative ambition in the service of our clients. This is what unites us, but not everyone interprets it in the same way. We don’t want to create a uniform legion of consultants as we know it from large consulting firms, but rather promote independence and uniqueness. So your development after joining us will depend very much on your focus, your idea of consulting, and your performance.  

Our diverse range of tasks and very heterogeneous client base will give you the opportunity to develop and find your way. A culture of consistent feedback, clear development goals, and development criteria will help you on your way, as will our mentoring program and our highly developed channels for information exchange.

We separate between Experts and Consultants. Experts generally have a deep understanding of one subject matter along the digital value chain, e.g. Online Marketing. Consultants are generalists. Within the consulting track, career stages range from Associate Consultant to Consultant, Senior Consultant up to (Senior) Project Manager and finally Director. With increasing seniority creating and developing client relationships as well as steering projects are becoming increasingly important.

The boundaries between Experts and Consultants are not set in stone and movement between the tracks is possible. Your performance, your interests and passion as well as which skills you develop decide where your journey at eccelerate will take you. You are in the driver seat.


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