E-Commerce Consulting

Are you looking for the kind of support that has nothing to do with the classic consulting approach? You don’t want to hear about lengthy pre-evaluations, familiarization periods, and drawn-out implementation? You need solutions to your problems, with virtually no run-up, and closely tied into your own teams? You want the knowledge to stay in your organization after the job is done? Then you have come to the right place. For other consultancies it comes along with painful changes, while for us it is just the way we've always done things from day one. It is in eccelerate’s DNA, through and through. Because we enjoy nothing more than providing our clients with solutions that are easy to understand and advance further - thus laying the foundation for sustainable success. This is what drives us and what makes us different from other consultancies. It's what everyone at eccelerate stands for. It’s what we give one hundred percent for every single day, and we look forward to doing the same for your challenge!


Our clients take the floor

  • “Our colleagues from eccelerate act nimbly, pragmatically, and very integratively. They are strategic partners, operative pioneers, and catalysts all rolled into one. A new collaboration is already in the works!”

    Dr. Florian Wegener

    Vice President Head of eCommerce

  • “Great passion, impressive level of detail, and strong focus on what’s doable – the commitment from eccelerate very quickly propelled us forward and was extremely cost-effective. We are happy to recommend eccelerate.” 

    Arne Drewes

    Marketing and Sales Manager, Microsoft Online Store Germany
    Microsoft Corporation

  • “eccelerate’s fresh take - from the retail roots up - on our banking-specific challenges and issues proved to be a central advantage and thoroughly convinced me and my colleagues.”

    Ole Franke

    Director Directbanking
    Commerzbank AG

  • ”Everybody is talking big data and marketing automation: at eccelerate, we ramp up fast, utilize existing assets, experiment and create pilots and thus set the foundation for scalable execution.”

    Sebastian Dahs

    Head of CRM
    congstar GmbH

  • "eccelerate's operative and strategic experience plus their moral support along the journey were the most important factors during the launch of Happy.ch."

    Peter Baumgartner

    Online Marketing Specialist
    Hilding Anders Switzerland AG

  • “Dynamic, on pace with the times, and extremely efficient. With sound, strategic world view and operational know-how, collaboration with eccelerate paid off quickly.”

    Hanno Wilczek

    Area Manager Austria & Switzerland - International Account Manager Amazon
    Peter BODUM GmbH

  • "We were looking for additional expertise for the founding team that would be full of entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision and operational experience within the context the formation of Birkenstock’s digital unit. With eccelerate, we have found that partner.“

    Andy Muthmann

    Project- und Interim Manager
    Birkenstock digital GmbH

  • “eccelerate is the perfect partner for us. They have given our business model a drastic push in a very pointed and hands-on manner – this isn’t just a feeling; this is immediately reflected by the figures.”

    Marcus Anton

    Geschäftsführung Marketing und Vertrieb
    Atelier Goldner Schnitt GmbH

  • “We were particularly impressed by eccelerate’s extraordinary ability to integrate themselves seamlessly into our company’s natural processes. eccelerate gave us extremely high efficiency for very reasonable costs. For us, this was an all around “carefree package” – we would be happy to work side by side again at any time.”

    Mike Weccardt

    Chairman of the Board – CEO
    Versandhaus Walz GmbH

  • "Our colleagues at eccelerate studied the market segment, the business model and in particular, the operating model of the target company extensivley- all in a very short amount of time. Also the management of the target company was very pleased with their work."

    Niklas Pichler

    Managing Director
    Mezzanine Management Vienna

  • "The colleagues at eccelerate are valuable advisors on strategic e-commerce issues, but at the same time are highly committed to the implementation. Their performance and the way it was delivered REALLY inspired me.”

    Jens Ullrich

    Head of E-Commerce Westfalia Group
    Westfalia Werkzeugcompany GmbH & Co. KG

  • “Thanks to the extensive experience and entrepreneurial mindset of our eccelerate colleagues, we were able to quickly exceed the planned efficiency and growth goals. We look forward to our next collaboration!”

    Martin Blöchinger

    Libuté GmbH

  • “The measures eccelerate suggested significantly accelerated our e-commerce growth. We are now in a much better starting position to face the digital shift. Without eccelerate, we would not be where we are today.” 

    Peter Hoever

    Sales Manager
    GANT Germany

  • “The colleagues at eccelerate simply roll up their sleeves and make sure the project is implemented quickly. I was very impressed.” 

    Michael Rupp

    Jack Wolfskin Ausrüstung für Draussen GmbH & Co. KGaA

  • “eccelerate has made a lasting impression on us with their in-depth usability expertise.” 

    Sven van den Bergh

    Managing Director
    limango GmbH

  • “Above all, we also value eccelerate because they are top experts in their field, who are full of passion, but also extremely professional. This enables communication on an equal level. You have fully convinced us!”

    Sven von Loh

    LeasingTime GmbH

  • “In eccelerate, we have a partner that combines profound operational experiences and excellent strategic thinking – the collaboration has been more than profitable for us!”

    Andreas Reuter

    SSI Schäfer Shop GmbH

  • “It was without a doubt an excellent decision to get eccelerate on board.” 

    Nikolas von Haugwitz

    Managing Director
    Hanseatisches Wein- und Sekt- Kontor Hawesko GmbH

  • "Experts with the spirit to successfully create and implement customized solutions. Fantastic!"

    Jörg Engelbrecht

    Marketing and Sales Management Wenz
    K - Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG

  • “It is truly worth it to involve eccelerate, especially in complex tasks.” 

    Christian Zambaccian

    Managing Director
    Happy Size Versand GmbH & Co. KG

  • “The eccelerate colleagues completely convinced me and my team – we felt like they were part of the company because they never forgot to involve and inspire our people. Kudos!” 

    Mirko Schönherr

    Authorized Representative
    Schneider Versand GmbH

  • “The guys at eccelerate understood the unique elements of our business model very quickly, which they then transformed into extremely valuable consulting services.” 

    Stephan Schneider

    Managing Director
    CONLEYS Modekontor GmbH

  • "eccelerate helped us to involve various online sources for selection and disposition in our purchasing process, so we were able to make better decisions in this regard particularly for the online channel."

    Evelyn Hammerström

    Managing Director
    JADES24 GmbH

  • “Having eccelerate on board is really a huge asset.” 

    Dirk Hauke

    K - Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG

  • “eccelerate did not develop a standard solution, but our solution. This is reflected particularly in the high degree of acceptance – not just at the management level, but in the teams as well.” 

    Bettina Kawall

    Managing Director

  • “eccelerate has supported us in a short period of time and in an extremely pragmatic manner to put our international e-commerce strategy on a clean and sound basis.”

    Henning Wollesen

    Head of eCommerce,
    MAMMUT Sports AG

  • “I got to know the consultants at eccelerate as e-commerce experts who work quickly and pragmatically, but still with extreme attention to detail.” 

    Andrea Apelt

    Head of eCommerce
    Strauss INNOVATION GmbH & Co. KG

  • “eccelerate’s commitment, expertise, and most of all their cooperative style and the way they merged into our internal team, impressed all of us, and me personally, very much.” 

    Dirk Ebbighausen

    Head of Regional Marketing
    Thomas Cook AG

  • “The eccelerate team combines strategic competence and the required vision with a good measure of practical thinking.” 

    Ulf Cronenberg

    Creatrade Holding GmbH

  • “I have seldom seen as much impressive expertise under one roof as I saw at eccelerate.” 

    Ludger Schöllgen

    Managing Director
    K-New Media GmbH

  • “We found the consulting service provided by eccelerate and the results to be extremely valuable assets.” 

    Wulf-Rüdiger & Johannes Ern

    Managing Director
    1a Carl Friedrich Ern Versand GmbH

  • “The eccelerate team quickly became familiar with our business model, and we were surprised how quickly they were able to identify initial areas that needed work.” 

    Philip Kneissler

    Managing Director
    belmoto GmbH

  • "The colleagues at eccelerate identified with our business model and our focus on operative improvement and shared our excitement from the very first day."

    Arnold Maier

    Head of Online Sales
    Georg Kuhn GmbH

  • “The experts at eccelerate always bring their full commitment and passion to the job, because they believe in us, our business model, and in themselves and their influence. That was what impressed and ultimately convinced me.” 

    Markus Brütsch

    Board of Directors

  • "It is this human component paired with professional expertise that makes the eccelerate team so incredibly effective. They are a real asset for any retailer wanting to expand their e-business.”

    Sven Hansen

    Managing Director
    CONLEYS Modekontor GmbH

E-Commerce Consulting – Our Focus

We provide the right answers to your questions:

What is our digital USP?

How do we differentiate ourselves online from the competition over the long term?

How do we strengthen our online growth?

How do we resolve conflicts between our channels?

How do we most effectively use eTailer and marketplaces like Amazon?

What can we do to increase our online marketing efficiency?

What does Big Data mean for us, and how can we profitably use our existing data?

How strong is our customer experience compared to our competitors'?

What approaches will give us more online focus in our purchasing department and processes?

How well are our organization and our team positioned for online challenges?

What digital business models are going to prevail?

How can our organization take part in them?

How do we sustainably transform our business model into a digital model?

What CRM measures can we use to improve our overall marketing efficiency?

What systems will help us reach our e-commerce targets?

Our Services

Where are you now and where do you want to go?


Whether you are a start-up or an established company – if you want to enter the race with an e-commerce idea, we make sure you get off to a running start.



Your e-business is up and running, but you want to improve your performance? Don’t hesitate to contact us.



You want to build a lasting bridge between your offline and online business? Our consultants are not just sprinters, they know how to run marathons too.



How large is the gap between you and your online competition? What is the right valuation of the digital player you are thinking about investing in? We measure differences and evaluate potential - objectively and 100% data-driven.


our competencies

E-Business Diversity

Our team

True passion for e-commerce

Our team combines decades of e-business experience with a persistent curiosity about the innovations in our industry. We have our finger on the pulse of the digital shift and are constantly on the move for you and your e-commerce success.


Photo Dr. Marc Ehlbeck

Dr. Marc Ehlbeck


Photo Lennard Grewe

Lennard Grewe


Photo Jan Sudworth

Jan Sudworth

Associate Partner

Photo Thorsten Kler

Thorsten Kler


Photo Stefan Konopatzki

Stefan Konopatzki

Head of Marketing

Photo Stephanie Reidel

Stephanie Reidel

Senior Consultant

Photo Daniel von Blumenstein

Daniel von Blumenstein


Photo Borris Förster

Borris Förster


Photo Bastian Latt

Bastian Latt

Associate Partner

Photo Rüdiger Hahn

Rüdiger Hahn

Senior Expert Online Marketing

Photo Sebastian Hettlage

Sebastian Hettlage


Photo Lena Krieger

Lena Krieger

Project Manager

Photo Daniel W. Haglage

Daniel W. Haglage

Senior Expert E-Mail /CRM

Photo Christoph Moser

Christoph Moser


Photo Dominik Hennecke

Dominik Hennecke

Expert Analytics & BI

Photo Valentine Teinturier

Valentine Teinturier


Photo Maximilian Demberg

Maximilian Demberg

Senior Consultant

Photo Isabel Karstedt

Isabel Karstedt

Senior Consultant

Photo Markus Miller

Markus Miller

Senior Expert Scrum & SEO

Photo Simon Metzner

Simon Metzner

Senior Expert UX & Technology

Photo Matthias Carell

Matthias Carell

Senior Expert E-Commerce IT

Photo Bastian Littek

Bastian Littek

Senior Expert Marketplaces

Photo Stephan Schleuss

Stephan Schleuss

Senior Expert Digital Business Models

Photo Christine Virga

Christine Virga

Project Manager

Photo Matthias Geisler

Matthias Geisler

Technical Architect

Photo Marlene Hornik

Marlene Hornik

Marketing & HR Manager

Photo Sigrid Schmid

Sigrid Schmid

Operations & Accounting Manager